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Facial plastic surgery

Some current trends in the facial plastic surgery industry include an increase in demand for non-surgical procedures, such as injectable fillers and Botox, as well as an increased interest in ethnic rhinoplasty and the "liquid facelift," which uses a combination of non-surgical techniques to achieve a youthful appearance. Another trend is a move towards more natural-looking results, rather than the "overdone" look that was popular in the past. Additionally, there is a growing interest in procedures that address the aging neck and jawline, such as facelift and neck lift surgery.


Building on the current trends listed above, here are some concepts that we have in mind to keep your audience engaged!

How to treat ageing necks?

1. What causes the skin on the neck to sag and develop wrinkles? 2. How can i prevent the aging on my neck? 3. Can sagging skin and wrinkles on the neck be treated non-surgically. 4. Is there a surgical procedure that can tighten and rejuvenate the skin on the neck? 5. What are the best skincare products and regimens for the neck? 6. How can i address the loss of volume and definition in my jawline and neck? 7. How can I reduce the appearance of "turkey neck"? 8. How long does a neck lift procedure last? 9. Is there any downtime associated with a neck lift? 10. How much does a neck lift cost?

What is a Ethnic Rhinoplasty? 

Ethnic rhinoplasty is a specialized type of nose surgery that is tailored to the unique characteristics of a patient's ethnic background. It is performed to address the specific needs and concerns of patients of African American, Asian, Hispanic, and Middle Eastern descent. The goal of ethnic rhinoplasty is to create a natural-looking nose that is in harmony with the patient's face and ethnic background, rather than trying to create a "Westernized" look.

Liquid Facelift vs Facelift?

Defining both treatments and giving your audience the proper knowledge before making this decision will go a long way. Especially if members of your audience do not know the difference

What are Jowls, and how can we treat them?

Jowls are sagging skin and wrinkles that form along the jawline, typically as a result of aging. As we age, the skin loses elasticity, and the underlying muscles and tissues weaken, which can cause the skin to droop and sag. Additionally, fat deposits in the face can shift and migrate, causing the appearance of jowls.

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