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Fright Night Massive Promo Video


Fright Night Massive is a zombie-themed festival held by Steez Promo on October 22nd at Powerplant Live in Baltimore. (Right before halloween!) To promote this festival, we'll be making a zombie-themed video. The beginning of the video will start off with our model, Christina, running to an uber after leaving the festival a little early. Once safe in the uber. she'll then claim that she left early because she feels like someone is following her. Zombies will then start popping out around the car as loud music plays, banging into and smearing blood on the windows. The uber driver and Christina will be calmly dancing with their eyes closed to the blasting music while chaos surrounds the car using a 360 camera. More details to come.

Shot List

Coming soon...

Cast needed

Uber driver (1)

Zombies (6-12)

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