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'Renting VS Owning


'Renting VS Owning' is a comical advertisement that shows the key differences between renting and owning a home. Our client. Christina Mai, is a well established realtor in the DC area who loves to advocate for owning a home-so we came up with fun, witty ideas to ensure that our audience understands that when you rent instead of buy, you pay the price of living with a lot of other...interesting...people. Our goal is to persuade others to buy a house instead. Although we've already gotten through most of the commercial, here's where you all come in. This last scene requires two men in suits (essentially, the IRS) holding brief cases filled with money. And the following scene will be an argument between one landlord and three renters. Take a look at the shot list below to get a better idea of the advertisement as a whole. 

Shot list

Cast needed

Men in suit (2) 

Renters (3)

Landlord (1)

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